Service terms and conditions

  1. You agree that you are the legal owner of the product, all the interests and the titles of the product lodge on you.
  2. You agree that the ownership of the product(s) will pass on to us once we receive the product, confirm that the product matches the make, model and terms and conditions of the sell order and make the payment to you as per the option selected by you.
  3. The condition of the product should be appropriately and correctly mentioned in the application form filled by you at the time of placing the sell order.
  4. The product shall be deemed to be in working condition and should meet the below terms.
  5. The device should be capable of power ON/OFF.
  6. The device should be fully functional.
  7. The screen should be working and intact there should not be bleeding display.
  8. Battery should be properly working.
  9. The product should not be broken or crushed.
  10. Speakers, microphones and other sensors are properly working.
  11. Camera and flash are in working condition.
  12. Mobile network connectivity is working properly.
  13. You agree to ensure that the SIM card of the product is removed before sending it to us. We shall not be liable for any charges or costs incurred in the event that a SIM card is sent with a product. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges. Further, you agree that any SIM cards received by us shall be non-returnable agree to ensure that the SIM card of the product is removed before sending it to us.
  14. If the product is specified as under Warranty, it should be valid in India and serviceable by the Manufacturer/Manufacturer’s authorized representative in India. Any documents required to avail of this service should be provided along with the product.

Packaging and Shipping

  1. Packing: It is the sole responsibility of the user that the package is securely packaged. We will not be liable for any damage in-transit due to improper packing.
  2. Contents of the package: The package should contain the product as specified by the user including all accessories offered. In case there is a discrepancy in the contents, we shall have the option to modify/accept or cancel the order.
  3. Shipping: Based on your location, shipping option will be offered as either Free Pickup or User selected courier. In case of free pickup, our courier partner will come and collect the sealed package.

Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones

  1. Selling a phone or device which you do not own may amount to a criminal offence.
  2. Mobile Exchanger only buys phones that have a valid IMEI number. It is your responsibility to ensure Mobile Exchanger does not receive phones that are lost or stolen. Phones associated with such account will be returned subject to the provisions of the Returns section Those reported lost or will attempt to deliver to the authorities or the rightful owners rather than to you, and the Quote will be withdrawn.
  3. If we have paid you for a phone that you have sold to us and subsequently there is an issue regarding the ownership of the phone, you will immediately reimburse us. If Mobile Exchanger is ever penalized or fined or suffers any loss or damages because a phone you offered to sell was not yours to sell, then you will reimburse Mobile Exchanger for all costs incurred, including legal fees.
  4. If at any point of time there are issues about ownership of a phone sold to us, you agree to co-operate with us fully with a view to resolving the issues and liable for any issues arising.
  5. We may disclose seller details to the Police or other authorized bodies for the purpose of investigating or preventing a crime. By entering into this contract you agree to us supplying data to the police or other authorized bodies for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime, arrest and prosecution of offenders or for the recovery of stolen property.


  1. After mentioning the condition of the phone, we provide a quote. Only if you are willing with the price quoted you have to choose your preferred payment method .Please note that this payment option cannot be changed once the sell order is placed. If Mobile Exchanger determines that the device meets the condition that you had mentioned in the sales order and if there is no violation in the terms mentioned Mobile Exchanger will initiate the payment.
  2. Bank Transfer payments can only be made into the account that that has been provide by you while confirming the sell order. It will not be possible to recall or reissue bank transfer payments once they have been made. So request you to provide bank details correctly.
  3. Once the payment has been completed either online or through our authorized personnel or service partner, the said transaction cannot be reversed. We will not be in a position to return the device due to any reasons/issues.


    You hereby indemnify and hold harmless with respect to any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, injuries, costs, attorney’s fees, losses, and/or damages of any kind or character directly or indirectly arising out of matters relating in any way to this Agreement and your transactions with Mobile Exchanger.

Suspension and Termination

    We may issue a warning or temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your account or any of your sales if (i) you breach this User Agreement, (ii) you provide false information or we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us, (iii) you infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or (iv) you engage in any act of collusion or price manipulation.

Legal Compliance

    You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, and payment of applicable taxes regarding your use of our service and your sale of any phones.


    This User Agreement and your setting up of an account in no way constitute or give rise to a partnership joint venture, or other relationship between the parties.

Events Outside Of Our Control

    We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Choice of Law and Venue

    This Agreement will be governed by the law of India. Any disputes arising out of the Agreement will be brought in the courts of Surat.

Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact us filling this contact form .

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